First loss! – 7lbs

That’s right last week I lost 7 pounds, I am extremely happy with this as its the first significant loss but I do not feel like that is sustainable so I am not too worried about not hitting that number again, as long as I keep losing I will be happy.

This week I have really struggled not to ‘check the scales’ but the whole concept is to only weight in once a week at the same time to see the difference rather than daily tracking. I have stuck to diet this week and worked out a couple of times too so I really am hopeful for a loss. I have also looked at some progress photos from the last few years and my shape hasnt really changed which is bizarre as I feel I have been working on my general health but obviously not in the right way.

so here are some things I have learnt so far.

  • Benefit tastes better than alpan light.
  • Apples are better than bananas.
  • You can say no to cake, but its hard.
  • Saying no to cake makes you both happy and sad. Known as – ‘SchrödingersCake’
  • Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels is an awful saying. (&not true).
  • Making healthy choices in one area makes you take the lead in other areas too.
  • Everything is easier when you have a supportive wife.

Weigh in is saturday, i’ve had a week of training and being sat down.


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