I am a drop out… of uni that is. In two thousand and cough cough I got myself in debt – I mean I started university studying drama, dance and physical theatre (no I’m not sure why either).

I dropped out for a few reasons. 1 I was frigging mental, emotionally a few years behind my peers and generally not the most stable person to be studying and away from my safety blanket of family. So I managed a year, got offered a full time job and left. BEST decision I could have made (aside from changing course and getting psychological help).

Fast forward to yesterday when a change in the minimum pension contribution sparked a debate on uni fees and tax deductions. Sat with some colleagues we discussed the level of student debt we all had compared to the positions we now held and what we wanted to save in the pension pot. I increased my pension to 4% and thought nothing more of it.

Today someone asked me what year I went to uni and I realised I left uni 10years ago and still see that painful deduction each month. So I called the student loan company… dun dun dunnnn. I spoke to a lovely guy called Peter who helped me get logged and let me know in April 2017 I had £500 left to pay. WHATTTTTTT. Now I know I’ve been deducted more than that in a year so we went through my payslips and came to the conclusion THEY OWED ME!!! Quite a bit (enough for a holiday – Google’s Thailand) they’ve processed everything for me and all I need to do is keep an eye on my bank over the next two weeks when the refund should be processed.

It’s crazy I didn’t even think I could have paid it, let alone that they would owe me!!!

Needless to say the holiday is booked and I am very happy.

Get on the gov website and check your loans. You could be over paying!!

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