About Project Chunky Chip

This is me – I am #ProjectChunkyChip. (Or Dani)


At the risk of humiliation I am posting my journey to the internet. The risk of public humiliation is a great motivator and I am 100% capitalizing on that/you…

My Downfall – Throughout my childhood, teens and early twenties I was ACTIVE, I mean really active, I did sports I danced at Uni etc etc etc… Then I got a ‘proper job’ and I have been sat at desks ever since. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my work but contact centres are a breeding ground for bad health habits and I am on the journey to change that.

I want to be honest about my motivation to do this, I hate myself, quite a lot, I hate how I look, I have awful anxiety that makes remembering an embarrassing thing I did when I was 7 cripple me more often than I would like to admit. I have yoyo dieted a LOT and I am now at the point where my self confidence is impacting my life. I rarely look in mirrors, I buy clothes because they ‘fit’ not because they look nice or make me feel good and I will not get undressed in front of anyone, not even my wife. My wife BTW is lovely and supportive and never, ever puts me down. This is all about me, and the way I see myself.

Enter slimming world…. 21/02/18. Few disclaimers, I dont attend group but I have the info and now however many people who look at this blog to keep my going. I will weigh in on Saturdays and cry on Sundays.

From this point on this blog will be a way for me to share my progress, my learning and my failings. No one may read this but self reflection and accountability to update will help massively for me, so here we are.

Stay tuned, read on & enjoy my lovely’s. We’re for a jiggly ride.