Day 1: Picky with fruit

Breakfast: Fat free Yoghurt with fresh fruit, strawberries and blueberries

Snack: Apple.

Lunch: Turkey, veg, all the seasoning and all the beans from yesterday’s slow cooked adventure.

Snack: Apple.

Dinner: Turkey, veg, all the seasoning and all the beans from yesterday’s slow cooked plus salad.

Snack: Apple…

See a theme? The idea is to make a Syn free dinner with enough left overs for lunch the following day. So for now (till I get my slimming world pack) stews of sorts is what we’re doing.

As for the Apple situation. I have a weird fear of fruit. Well, not really a fear but a desire not to eat fruit that looks in any way tainted or spoiled. I’ve tried to overcome this but cannot. Anyway, the brilliant place about where I work is there is free fruit but today’s selection was Bananas that are not quite ripe enough for my tastes and oranges that had weird brown hard bits inside?! No real issue sticking to plan as there wasn’t much opportunity for straying. As for exercise… I didn’t do any apart from taking the stairs and a brisk walk for about 100m.

As part of this whole shebang the wife and I are trying to organise the rest of our lives. We’ve started with a bullet journal each.

Were tracking health, fitness, our relationship, our adventures and other bits and pieces like reducing our imprint on the environment by reducing the plastic we use etc. I’m actually super happy about that as it’s going to be a challenge I haven’t really given much thought to before.

I’m lucky to have some very lovely people around me who are focused on their health right now and following their journeys has really been helping me to stay motivated 🙂

Oh and in case you’re wondering about the name: I once said to my very thin sister “If we were types of chips I’d be the chunky chip”.

I will put a few photographs of me now here for reference.